There are limitless uses for structural aluminum systems.  Below, we feature a few of our recent collaborations and share what our customers had to say about our products and their experiences with us.

Exacto Spring Corporation is a high quality manufacturer of compression springs, torsion springs, extension springs, custom wireform products, and medical products with worldwide distribution.

Paul, Plant Manager at Exacto, was one of the first to test out our product. “This is an outstanding system far outperforming any existing t-slot based solution we’ve tried. Our automation engineer loves building with this because there’s no time wasted aligning anything and our maintenance guys love it because it never comes apart. We’re now on a mission to replace all of the structural aluminum systems in our plant with Controlled Dynamics”.

Portable Inspection Station

This machine base supports a portable inspection station.

Machine Enclosure

A machine enclosure

Custom Machine

An Exacto Spring custom-made machine

MSOE Workbenches

MSOE renovated their fluid power lab over the 2017 summer break and asked us to provide twelve moveable workbenches. Student helpers, who were tasked with constructing the units, were impressed with how easily the units went together – especially how the alignment shoulder in each bracket automatically oriented the profiles with no additional adjustment needed.

Stewart Platform (Student Capstone Project)

For their Senior Design (Capstone) project, four students at MSOE chose to construct a Stewart platform capable of playing chess.  Utilizing new pneumatic technology, they constructed their initial model using standard t-slot profiles and components.  However, due to the high center of gravity of the unit and rapid movements of the pneumatics, the forces on the structure eventually worked the fasteners free.

Controlled Dynamics Incorporated donated the items needed to construct a new structural framework capable of handling the repetitive motions without compromising the assembly.

Stewart Platform

Welding Stations

As part of our ongoing community outreach, Controlled Dynamics donated items to the local high school manufacturing program.  Frank Oetlinger, owner of Controlled Dynamics explains, “The great part about this donation is that the students were tasked with designing and constructing the welding stations, which taught them some very practical, real-world work skills they can leverage in their future careers”.

Mike Dodge, the high school’s Manufacturing and Engineering Teacher, was thrilled with the donation.  “The framing materials manufactured by Controlled Dynamics are unmatched in strength and durability.  My students have used them to design and assemble welding booths at Grafton High School.  These materials have provided a much needed modern day upgrade to our welding lab.  We have future plans to build furniture, robots, and other engineering projects using their materials.  Controlled Dynamics provides a real-world platform for students to quickly design and build solutions to meet our engineering needs”.

Welding Table

How reputable would we be if we didn’t use our product to solve a few of our own issues?  Check out a few of our favorite internal builds!

Trade Show Display 1

Trade Show Display

This trade show booth backdrop uses our hinges to allow the unit to be completely collapsed from a 20’x8’x2’ footprint to an easy-to-ship 2’x 4’x8’ space in under 5 minutes using only 2 hex wrenches (2 people were needed to safely get the big sign down).  There’s nothing better than showing off your product at a trade show with a display made of your own product!

CNC Tool Organizer

This CNC tool organizer employs our threaded insert and standard, single-hole angle nut to create and support the angled tool holding shelving for one of our CNC machines.  The shelving is a high quality laminated plywood cut using our CNC router table – a machine we use to custom cut wood and plastics for many of our customer’s projects.

CNC Tool Organizer

Staging, Stairways, and Viewing Platforms

This 8’x8’ staging we built for a trade show demonstrates the strength and versatility of our system.  At a recent trade show we attended in Los Angeles, a photo of this stage drew the interest of a number of large, California-based movie set builders.  Stay tuned – we’re headed for Hollywood!

Here’s a gallery of other notable projects we’ve designed and built for customers

Material Cart
Lean Workstation
Jeweler's Workstation
Hydraulic Stand
Transformer Stand