In the United States, and around the world, businesses are looking for a more energy efficient future, and aluminum is a big part of the solution. The aluminum in North America is more sustainable than ever because of recent technological advances and on-going voluntary recycling efforts. Controlled Dynamics is proud to be involved in an industry built on these sustainable business practices, and in our facilities, we carefully collect and recycle 100% of our unused and scrap aluminum.

According to the North American Aluminum Association, the “Energy required to produce new aluminum is down more than a quarter since 1995 and the industry’s carbon footprint is down nearly 40 percent due to increased recycling efforts.” Also, “Independent studies have confirmed that aluminum has a 20 percent smaller life cycle energy consumption than steel”. From reduction in production energy, to light-weighting products of all types, to recycling efforts, aluminum industries are key partners in reducing the world’s long-term energy requirements.

Aluminum is increasingly the sustainable material of choice when building structural framing solutions primarily because it is nearly as strong as steel, lightweight, and easily recyclable. Controlled Dynamics, Incorporated recognizes aluminum is a vital material at the forefront of creating competitive business advantages, and we are an important part of this future.