Social Responsibility

We believe companies have a responsibility to lead to by example. At Controlled Dynamics, we are active in our communities and schools with a special emphasis on training the next generation to bring manufacturing back to Wisconsin and America. Leading also involves a commitment to environmental and sustainability issues. Controlled Dynamics is actively involved in minimizing our impact through employee education, management, and tracking of our recycling efforts.

Community Outreach

Being a part of a community is far more than just having a building in a location; it is being involved in the future of the area, the vision of the municipality, the business community, the charities, and most importantly the children. As a business in a small community we feel it is imperative we put our money and time toward being involved in the long-term development of the area. To that end, we regularly and directly contribute to and participate in the following organizations:

Grafton Chamber of Commerce ( A group of businessmen and women working together to strengthen the local economy, promote orderly growth and improve the community and its quality of life. The organization features broad-based membership, uniting retail, industry and professionals, creating a central pool of resources which works together to improve the community and create a pool of resources from which to draw ideas, talents, energy and finances.

Manufacturer’s Alliance  – This is a small group of local manufacturers involved in providing insight, guidance, and equipment to local students involved in science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) programs with a direct focus on bringing manufacturing back to America.

Ozaukee Family Sharing ( – This is a non-profit organization providing relief to local families in crisis. Their mission is to alleviate hunger in Ozaukee County with dignity and compassion.

GPSEd ( – Working with local manufacturing companies, this non-profit organization focuses on providing manufacturing-specific training and job placement to high school students. It is the only statewide Department of Workforce Development Youth Apprenticeship Program in Wisconsin dedicated to elevating manufacturing jobs. Controlled Dynamics currently employs a number of students enrolled in this program.

Grafton Public Schools ( – We work directly with the teachers and administration to update Tech Departments in the local middle and high schools. To date, Controlled Dynamics, Inc. has donated over 100 seats of SolidWorks Solid Modeling CAD software, 10 seats of MasterCAM Computer-Aided Manufacturing software, CNC machinery, testing equipment, and tooling.

Port Washington Robotics ( – Port PiraTech’s team mission is to connect the students of Port Washington with the unprecedented wealth of knowledge and skill contained within mentors and role models living in the local community, who are committed to helping them engage their minds in the world of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) while preparing them for careers in the modern workplace. Controlled Dynamics, Inc. (formerly Framing Systems) donates our structural aluminum framing system materials, our expertise, and some of the money needed for this team to build their robotic masterpieces in preparation for competition.

Ozaukee Economic Development ( – OED works to advance the business prosperity of Ozaukee County, collaborating with community, regional, and business partners, ensuring a growing and diversified Ozaukee County economy. Frank Oetlinger is a Board Member of this organization.

Grafton Education Foundation ( – GEF’s mission is to enhance and enrich educational opportunities for Grafton public school students in all grades. Controlled Dynamics, Inc. regularly donates to this organization in support of its efforts.

Gladiators Football ( – Grafton Gladiators Youth Football strives to introduce football to all youth in our community by developing solid fundamentals of football, and at the same time ingraining discipline, good sportsmanship, strong character and respect to carry over into all areas of their life.

Grafton Little League (, – Grafton Little League is a non-profit organization offering Tee Ball, Baseball and Softball programs to boys and girls ages 4-16. Grafton Little League also offers the Challenger Division for boys and girls with physical and developmental disabilities.